[Hiring] Authorium | https://authorium.com/ | Sr Engineer | Remote (USA Only) | FT or Contractor | $150-$180K

I’m the CEO of Authorium and former CIO for the City of SF. We’re a public benefit corporation helping modernize government agencies through document automation (think enterprise Google Docs - smart templates, section level permissioning, workflow). We have product-market-fit, are profitable, zero churn, and are growing quickly. We have some of the largest govt agencies in the world as our customers.

We’re looking for a remote contractor/FT employee to help us build a collaborative editor. You’ll be the first member of the team dedicated to building our new editor.

Please send me a message: remove-this-text-inculding-last-hyphen-product.leadership+prosemirror@cityinnovate.com

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There is also a job channel in tiptap discord where a lot of devs might be up for it, incase you’d like to crosspost.

There’s also Looking for ProseMirror expertise? Reach out!