Horizontal Rule issues


I have some issues (x3) with the horizontal rule in prosemirror.

I use the horizontal_rule node from prosemirror-schema-basic without any modification & issues can be reproduce in the prosemirror example (prosemirror.net homepage).

  1. Two cursor :

On a empty document, when a HR is inserted, I use the right arrow key to move the cursor at the end of the document. When the end of document is reach, there are 2 cursors (on my implementation I can reproduce same issue when moving the cursor at the begining of the document, but not on the example) :

  1. Can not insert or toggle mark before/after a single HR when no text :

When I add a single HR in an empty document & move the cursor before/after the HR I can not toggle mark or insert node (canReplaceWith return false) :

  1. HR can not be deleted :

When I add a single HR in an empty document & move the cursor before/after the HR node can’t be deleted by pressing DEL or BACKSPACE key :

I can provide more information if needed & maybe help (I try to understand what’s happening under the hood, but I’am not an PM expert)


This should be gone in prosemirror-view 1.14.6, but let me know if it still occurs for you.

No, indeed, you can’t. There’s no paragraph or other textblock content yet, so the buttons for inline content are, by default, disabled there. That’s probably not something that’s going to change in the core implementation, but you could customize the menu commands to work differently.

That might be reasonable to support. You can delete it by first selecting it, but I guess having backspace work there makes sense. I’ve filed an issue.