How can I access click event on custom schema items?

My custom schema contains items where I need to know exactly where the user clicked on (because I have an settings-icon overlay in one corner of the items, when clicked there, behaviour should be different). Before 0.8 this was done by extending the custom schema item class with handleClick, which allowed access to DOM event. Now with the 0.8 version I am using as suggested in the release notes, the pm.on.clickOn.add(...) subscription system, but this give me just the clicked-on node.

There was a discussion concerning this here: Change Request: Pass raw event object to subscription handlers. Hope this helps!

It is an option to add your own event handlers to these nodes, and prevent propagation of mousedown events on them?

Yes, it is an option (just not as slick as the new subscription system).

Fair enough. I’ll add access to the coordinates for the handlers (possibly even the whole event object, still debating that).