How can I escape from Mark

Is there a way to escape from Mark when I was deleted all the Mark inputs?

I find storedMarks is set by readDOMChange().

Is there a way for me to reset storedMarks or pass this handler?

A transaction that removes the stored marks would have that effect.

Thanks for your reply!

How can I dispatch that transaction right after deleteding the last mark char?(using backspace)

I found it reset by readDOMChange.

What is your goal here? Do you want the default backspace behavior to not remember the mark of the deleted text? (That is not how most wysiwyg editors work.) Or are you just looking for a way for the user to explicitly disable that mark after such an event?

I’m looking for a way to change the default backspace behavior.

Okay. A plugin with an appendTransaction method that detects this situation and (a transaction that deletes text and sets stored marks) and appends another transaction to clear the stored marks would work, I think.

Works well. Thank you!