How can I ignore some node when press keydown ArrowDown?

let’s say I have one line content. which looks like.


[my_node_to_skip] is atom

and my cursor is within the first text_node, the default behavior of pm when press ArrowDown key is move to the [space] spot.

What I am trying to do is to move the cursor to the end of the last [text_node].

The example is very much like the dino one like as screenshot below:

I see the logic in prosemirror-view which has a function called skipIgnoredNodesRight and one function called isIgnorable.

Can I customize it myself? And how could I do it.

Any sugguestions would help.

Arrow cursor motion is by default left to the browser. Firefox does the reasonable thing here (at least in the dino demo) while Chrome somehow only moves the cursor past the node. skipIgnoredNodes is for skipping non-content DOM nodes like widget decorations, and probably not relevant here. You may have to implement a custom command and bind it to the down arrow key to get the behavior you’re looking for here.

Thanks for the sugguestion. Very helpful. :smiley: