How can I install this on a server without npm? (I just want to FTP files)

Please note: I’m not here to get flamed for an unorthodox approach.

I understand npm/yarn/whatever is the “standard way” to do this, but I want to upload files to a server via FTP and start messing with custom modules.

What’s the best way to do this?

Where can I grab all the files I need?

Please don’t post multiple threads with pretty much the same question.

You will have to learn enough npm/rollup to build the files you need.

I’ve got the files, but it’s unclear how to “tie them all together” on my server to create a ProseMirror instance that can be called up via a single JS reference in an HTML document.

What I need is a bridge to help me get from here:

  • I have all the dependent packages in node_modules

To here:

  • I want to be able to spool up an instance of ProseMirror on a web page on my server