How do I enter the equivalent of Shift-Enter in ProseMirror?

Hi there:

In graphical mode, how do I enter the equivalent of Shift-Enter (I believe that’s a Linefeed character)? It doesn’t appear to work as is?


You may be looking for a hard break node? The example setup binds ctrl (cmd on macos) + enter to a command that inserts one of those.

Since you were asking about dokuwiki in another thread I’m guessing this may also be in that same context? If so, questions about dokuwiki’s usage of prosemirror should likely be directed to them since changes to the keymap like @marijn mentions would require code changes on their part. I think others have asked that question of them - e.g. here.

Thanks, but what example setup?

andrews: Yes, and there was no reply to the forum post you linked.

The people posting in this forum are developers who are using prose mirror within their site/app/etc. This is not a forum for people who are using a product where a developer happened to use prosemirror and have questions relating to that product. So any responses here are going to assume you are a developer that has gone through the examples and documentation and can then change whatever code you are writing accordingly. The example setup Marjin is referring to is another source code repo he has written that demonstrates some ways one might use prose mirror. The developer might go through that source and find where it maps ctrl+enter to a particular command and then assuming your usage of prosemirror had that node type in your schema and were using his keymap then you might make a similar mapping in your usage. I can understand it might be frustrating but if you have questions about that plugin you really need to communicate with the author of that plugin because changes would require changes to their source code that defines and interacts with prose mirror. Prose mirror isn’t a drop in wysiwyg editor - it is a framework for creating a wysiwyg editor.

Okay, I think that makes things a little more clear. So I should be posting here?

Yes I would think so.

I’ll post there. Thanks again.