How easy Prosemirror to set up and use?

I have a research project where we want to study student collaboration on documents. We had considered GoogleDocs, but have concerns about how appropriate that platform is for federally funded research and have discovered ProseMirror. I am curious how straightforward is it to install and use with small pre-defined teams and to collect document participation data. Thoughts?

Setting up a polished and user-friendly editor on the core ProseMirror libraries is going to take a considerable amount of development work. You can probably cut some of that by building on top of something like Tiptap.

Thank you. Do you expect it to become easier over time? Where are the challenges? In hosting, in developing the UI? Is there an architectural schematic? Tiptap looks interesting. What has their implementation added that is not in ProseMirror? I realize these seem like elementary questions. Thanks for your time. Phil

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ProseMirror is more of an editor foundation than a drop-in UI component (and is likely to stay that way). Tiptap is a more opinionated and easy-to-use layer on top of it.

Thank you Marjin,

Tiptap seems to have basic functionality we would want from the website. Fundamental to our interest is collecting data on collaborative writing patterns (ex: who makes what changes to document and when). Being able to embed the editor within our own UI is nice as well from a research perspective, but the data is key and not using GoogleDocs is important. The data on changes would need to be done through ProseMirror I am imagining. Are there any built-in functions for this?

We appreciate your insights. I am also looking for a similar forum on Tiptap, but not finding it currently or the name of someone we could contact to ask questions. My project’s engineer who would work with this is out with family business for another month so I am trying to sort out whether this is the direction to go in.


You might want to look at Tiptap Extensions to see how they extend functionality in Tiptap. You can wrap a Prosemirror plugin there so that seems to be the entry point for customization. Another option to evaluate would be Remirror though they appear to be in a bit of flux at the moment as they go from React only to multi-framework support.

We built on Prosemirror directly on my little team and it has taken us quite a while to really get up to speed on using PM (and maybe we have a ways to go still), but at the same time the editor we’ve built is very powerful and has eliminated a whole host of output issues we had with the previous generation of WYSIWYG editors. I wish I could be of more help, but we have not yet dug into the real-time collaborative capabilities of PM.