How to cancel the selection effect of the cursor when dragging?

When I want to implement drag and drop, the content being dragged is not in a state of being selected.

Handle and preventDefault the relevant mousedown event.

There are two different examples in the figure below. In the first example, the drag-and-drop effect achieved by prosemirror is used. We want to achieve the same effect as the second example. What should we do? Please :pray:!

Sorry, I don’t provide that kind of integration support here. You’ll have to work it out yourself.

Thank you very much for your answer, that is the original question, I still don’t seem to solve it. When dragging a certain paragraph, while dragging, the text content inside will still be automatically selected and cannot be unselected! On the left is the processing I did in the stopEvent function, I don’t know if it’s right, we are using react, a custom NodeView! :blush: