How to change visibility of nodes like in bootstrap tab

I’m trying to help the end user while editing a complex node type, by showing them a tabbed view of the nested content so they can focus their editing on one child node at a time (at rendering time only one of these will be rendered depending on the state of the application). Think of it like a switch statement where depending on the runtime value of the switch, a different case (Node) will end up being rendering, but during editing I want the editor to be able to focus on each case, visually, as they edit the document. To make it easier on the editing workflow, we want to show, using nodeView, a wrapping bootstrap-like tabs control so the end user can focus their editing on each “case” of the switch at a time by clicking these tabs. I realized that the rendered nodeView is very “static” and doesn’t allow to have dynamic content and/or showing/hiding nodes. What’s the best practice around temporary showing/hiding specific nodes during editing without changing the document structure?