How to convert documents from Quill into ProseMirror?

We are converting our project from using Quill to using ProseMirror. We have a lot of old Quill documents (represented as a series of Quill operations) that we’d like to convert programmatically into ProseMirror documents. Any suggestions for me?

The brute-force route would be to write code that converts Quill operations into the ProseMirror JSON Node syntax so it can be used by ProseMirror EditorState.doc, but that might be a very error-prone endeavor.

Maybe it would be easier to convert to HTML or Markdown first?

I’m very new to ProseMirror, so any advice would be appreciate!

Thanks, Sharon

I’m actually facing the same challenge. Have you come up with a solution path already? What worked, what didn’t (in your experience)? Thanks!

We migrated from Quill to ProseMirror and converted everything to HTML first. :ok_hand: