How to convert HTML to prosemirror JSON while retaining css

I’m using the following code to convert an existing HTML into prosemirror JSON.

const jsdom = require('jsdom');
const { parse } = require('path');
const { JSDOM } = jsdom;
const { DOMParser } = require('prosemirror-model');
const pmSchema = require('prosemirror-schema-basic');
const util = require('util')

const { document } = (new JSDOM(`<span role="presentation" dir="ltr"
style="left: 163.371px; top: 141.878px; font-size: 22.38px; font-family: sans-serif; transform: scaleX(0.97142);">ImageNet
Classification with Deep Convolutional</span><br role="presentation"><span role="presentation" dir="ltr"
style="left: 316.181px; top: 167.78px; font-size: 22.38px; font-family: sans-serif; transform: scaleX(0.986862);">Neural
const parsedHTML = DOMParser.fromSchema(pmSchema.schema)
    .parse(document, { preserveWhitespace: true })
var json = JSON.stringify(parsedHTML);

The HTML has some inline style that I want to preserve and render in prosemirror. But the json output strips all the inline styles.

  "type": "doc",
  "content": [
      "type": "paragraph",
      "content": [
          "type": "text",
          "text": "ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional"
        { "type": "hard_break" },
        { "type": "text", "text": "Neural Networks " }

Is there any way to generate JSON with the styles preserved?

No — ProseMirror documents are a semantic representation of the document, they can’t represent CSS styling information.

Ok, is there any other way to send just the text alignment information using JSON?

You could set up your schema to store alignment information in the attributes of the nodes that need it.