How to create a mention plugin similar to Atlaskit supporting popup?

A demo is worth about 1,000 words:

Try to type @ in the post body editor and you will get a mention list popup with typeahead support. I can even see a very similar feature in this very editor of Discourse that I am typing in.

I think this is a very common pattern that many PM based editor would need: Typing a special character triggers opening a popup with some type of a search support.

Is there an existing plugin that can support this?

I had a look at the Atlaskit source code for this (documentation, source code), and while it seems to be a reusable component, it has many dependencies making a minimal editor with mention support a heavy one.

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Bump! Anyone?

This thread might help you: @-mention tooltip

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I made a ProseMirror plugin for this exact usecase. Checkout - prosemirror-mentions

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See also

Also… prosemirror-suggest

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