How to customize caret?

Is it possible to customize Prosemirror caret? (e.g. blinking speed, etc…)

I know about range.getBoundingClientRect but it gives bad values when the caret is at the beginning or end of the line (especially when the end key is pressed). Is there a way to get the good position with Prosemirror?

I also found the selection.js file of CodeMirror that is used to draw custom caret of CodeMirror fields. Is it reusable in a WYSIWYM context?

Thank you for your help!

ProseMirror uses the native caret. You can style that a little, on some browsers, with css. Positioning something over the caret is indeed tricky, since you can’t, as far as I know, reliably find out where it is.

Okay, thank you for the fast answer!