How to install prosemirror?

Hi all, Looks like noob question but yeah… How to install Prosemirror? I only use node with npm. The github version says nothing to me. I want to install it locally with npm but i dont see options like this. Also i want to use it on existing system as my rich text editor/markdown. I’m completly lost…

Here’s a tutorial(ish) guide for first-time Prosemirror users:

P.S It’s always healthy to learn the basics of modern JS dev workflows like ES6 Modules, module bundling and such stuff before directly using ProseMirror. That said, the above guide will get you a quickstart anyway.

Also, as @marijn puts it, the library is not intended for end users. ProseMirror is a platform to create simpler rich-text libraries.

That’s not really how I see it. The library is absolutely meant for end users—it’s just that integrating it is always going to quite a lot of work and involve complicated programming, so it’s not a drop-in-and-forget kind of component.

Installing ProseMirror with npm is a matter of npm install-ing the packages that you need (see the reference guide for a list of the core packages, or the examples for concrete example code), just like with all other code on npm.

Hi, Thanks for help got it working with after few attempts. I know ES6 syntax but didn’t learn much about bundling and modules (will learn for sure :slight_smile: ). Got it working by playing with learn-prosemirror npm. I had to configure some stuff there but now its working as I wanted :slight_smile: Thank guys

@MarekDzw trust me, once you get over the hill with modules and bundling, you’ll wonder how you got anything done without them! Long live ECMA^6! It’s awesome!

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