How to make a block level markSpec

I want to make a block level annotation

Have search some topic. A little fuzzed about is it support " block level mark" or not

By default, nodes with block children don’t allow marks on their children, but you can use NodeSpec.marks to override that.

Thank you marijn .

I make a mermaid node wrap with a mark .

graph TD;

it render well at first, but when i append a paragragh node after this node(use tr) , get a error Uncaught TransformError: Invalid content for node doc But I make a paragragh node after this node at first . nothing happend . very wired

this is the code to " append a paragragh node"

 view: () => ({
                update: (view: EditorView) => {
                    const { state } = view;
                    const { schema, doc, tr } = state;
                    const shouldInsertNodeAtEnd = trailingPluginKey.getState(state);
                    const node = schema.nodes['paragraph']?.create();

                    if (!shouldInsertNodeAtEnd || !node) {

                    const transaction = tr.insert(doc.content.size, node).setMeta('appendingParagraph', true);

The doc need to add marks :grinning: