How to make child `node` a drag handle for parent

I have a figure node whose content is image figcaption. Both image and figcaption have draggable: false. My figure is draggable and has custom node view which on click, selects this node. Whe the node is selected, I’d like to allow user to drag it by dragging any part of it, especially image on its own. Is it possible to do? Below is how my figure node looks like when selected (purple outline). Now I can’t drag it when drag image. How to fix that?


Does turning off pointer events on the image help?

Nothing has change, but maybe this is because of some specifics of tiptap react node views. I will try to investigate but just wanted to confirm whether data-drag-handle attribute is something ProseMirror specific or it’s introduced by Tiptap?

That’s Tiptap.