How to merge two different schema to get a hybrid schema

right now i am trying to integrate prosemirror-math with tiptap v2. i looked into document of tiptap and found one schema and i found another schema from prosemirror-math from its respective document. but works fine independently.

so i am thinking to merge them to get a hybrid schema so that i can use prosemirror-math with tiptap v2. an extension from prosemirror-math for tiptap would be excellent. but unfortunatley there is no such extension avaiable. for that. i have checkedthis, this

It should be possible to set up a schema with all the nodes you need, but indeed, that’s not automatic (since you’ll also have to specify which nodes can occur where, so some thought has to go into their relations) and has to be done manually.

@margin good morning sir. would you please guide me on how can i design a schema with all options from example-setup plus tables, math, codeblock, both inline and block along with custom classes that should be applied to them for ui customisation. for math i have schema from prosemirror-math extension