Image plugin with uploading, image title and a few other things

Hi everyone,

SAP needed an image plugin for their internal editor, and they wanted to open source it too, the result is an npm module which can:

  • handle drag and drop and pasting of images from external sources
  • upload images trough an endpoint
  • optional image title
  • and a few other things!

A blog post where you can try it

The GitLab repo

We’re looking for work, if you have something ProseMirror related then feel free to ping me here.

Big thanks for Marijn for creating this awesome library!


Cool, thanks for putting this on npm! I’ll make sure to refer people to it when they need something like this.

Thanks for posting this. I was planning on implementing image pasting in Prosemirror this morning and I just happened to check this forum – I borrowed a lot of your event handling code and and this undoubtedly saved me hours of work! My implementation here if you’re interested.