In IE11. The node is moving to automatically to the bottom of last content

Continuing the discussion from Problems with replacing non-empty selection in IE11:

I found this issue today. So I came to this forum. and found cmlenz’s issue. I think this is related each other.

In IE 11. The First character in Korean is always making blue selection block in PM.


It must be typed to The First position without any blank on any lines.

Then we type second character to combine.

After that. The node is suddenly moved to bottom of The last paragraph.

In korean. We must combine 2 more types to make one character.

For example. There is no “a” in Korean. We must type “ah”. Every korean word is made by Consonant vowel.

And every Korean Consonant vowel combination is reproduce this issue.

Here is GIF.

In GIF, I typed “ㅁ” and “ㅏ” continuously. (“a” and “k” in Latin keyboard.)

The “ㅁ”(“a”) is making The blue selection block. The second “ㅏ”(“k”) is reproduced this issue. I think this is related to “Problems with replacing non-empty selection in IE11” from cmlenz.

Any help would be so appreciated.


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