Inline nodes and a text carriage

Hi, guys!

I have several inline nodes, it works well, but I have one problem with displaying the text carriage. And I see the same thing in one of the examples:

  1. In the beginning:

  1. Deleted the first line text before the first star:

  1. The text carriage behaves well:


  1. But not at the very beginning of the text element. For some reason, it’s visually higher here:


I saw it in different browsers. And in my project I have same problem. How do I fix it?
Btw, I don’t use prosemirror-gapcursor, I installed it now but It doesn’t change something

I’ll be happy for any help!

That tends to be called a cursor, not a carriage. But yes, that you’re seeing is the browser’s native cursor, and browsers are often somewhat dumb about drawing it around uneditable nodes. It sometimes helps to include some text (for example a zero-width space) at the sides of your widget.

Thanks for your reply!