InputRules on text deletion?

I love that with InputRules, you can perform operations when a regex matches.

How can I handle the user “delete”-ing the text to cause the string to not match anymore?

Because InputRules only handle onTextInput (prosemirror-inputrules/src/inputrules.ts at master · ProseMirror/prosemirror-inputrules · GitHub), they won’t even get called back on text deletion.

Any idea of how I should go about an InputRule that also works when text gets deleted (in addition to inserted)?

That’s not something input rules will help with, as you found. You could bind an additional command to backspace / delete, or install a transaction appender that looks for certain edit patterns in the changes, but there is nothing that will be as convenient as defining a regexp.

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After a good deal of thought we opted for appendTransaction to handle this. It’s arduous compared to InputRule, but it’s robust.