Is anyone interested in a CSS-grid table lib?

Hey people!

Happy new year!

I have been playing around with tables for a few months already. I know how hard it is to maintain and keep an editable table. However, I did some spikes with CSS Grid, and I notice this approach will result in a much more clean and comfortable implementation. I was thinking of releasing it in a new lib for ProseMirror. Is anyone interested in it?


Quite interested. Is multi-row/column-span table editing supported?

Cool! My prosemirror-tables implementation works under the constraint that it has to work in browsers that don’t support CSS grid (which necessitates all kinds of hacks because HTML tables are just the worst). It’s great to see this alternative being explored.

Yes please!!!

Yes, that is part of roadmap!

Yes please, I’m also interested.


Thank you for the feedback people. I will release open the beta version this weekend.

Yup, v. interested in this - great idea to look into grids

Hey people, let me give you all some updates.

The code that I had before was a mess and had no tests. Now, I am working to improve it a little bit before publishing.

I have a roadmap defined, here is:

Before Launch:

  • Basic Schema nodes: Table and Cells
  • Inline Style to use the css grid stuff
  • CellSelection
  • Fix table appendTransaction
  • TableMap

After Launch:

  • Basic operations like: delete and add columns/rows
  • Advanced command operations like: move rows and columns
  • Sticky headers
  • Column Resize (no pixel)

Thank you so much for your interest!! I think that will be a nice lib, and I hope to get as many code contributions as possible.

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