Is it possible to have custom inline text node?

I would like to have a custom inline text node that behavior similar to the original text node but instead of span, I would like to use another HTML tag with other attributes stored together. Is it possible to implement this with prosemirror? I have able to insert the custom node but not sure how to let user insert text into it like a normal text node. Hope you can give some insight :pray: .

Inline nodes with content are supported in principle by the library, but will usually require a bit of custom scripting to make them work properly. Marks are usually easier to work with then it comes to custom wrappers for inline content.

Cool. But there ise one problem with marks is that the text will be broken into sections when there are different marks applied for the text.

Hi. What kind of scripting should we do exactly? :panda_face:

I try to make inline node with text. When the cursor inside the inline node, the Enter key don’t splitBlock. Is there any method like splitInlineNode?