Is ProseMirror compatible with Android?

Hi all -

We are in our alpha release and realized that our SlateJS instances are failing on android browsers (chrome for android). They have an update that supposedly solves it… but the upgrade has so many breaking changes, it’s really hard to update.

So… I’m on the hunt to see if it would just be easier to shift to a more supported rich text editor… but I need to make sure whatever I do is compatible with Android.

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It aims to be, yes. There’s still some open bugs around specific interactions, but on the whole the editor should work well.

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Thanks. I don’t have complicated requirements… So, hopefully it’s not an issue.

@tommo I wrote this up to discuss Android issues Contenteditable on Android is the Absolute Worst

There are bugs and some limitations where it may be helpful to tweak the experience for Android, but Prosemirror is the best option I’ve seen as far as web based rich text editors go.

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