Is there a tutorial?


The instructions known as “Basic”, at, seem to assume that the viewer already has quite a bit of knowledge but without giving too much information on what that knowledge is.

I’ve just started experimenting a bit with bundling of JavaScript, but the different types of scripts involved, different ways to bundle and such, seems to be a bit of a jungle. If the viewer is only interested in learning it in order to use ProseMirror (as in my case), then it seems difficult to figure out exactly what knowledge must be acquired in order to successfully set up a working example of ProseMirror.

In general, I’ve found it easiest to get to know new technologies by following tutorials on whatever I’m trying to set up. But I can’t seem to find a tutorial on ProseMirror that leads the user from start to finish.

Is such a tutorial in existence? If not, then is anyone interested in making one? Even if it were rather crude, I think it might drastically ease the process for new users to immerse themselves in whatever scripts, processes and technologies involved.


I don’t think such a tutorial exists. The thing about ProseMirror is that the library, out of the box, is too minimal to really use without building something on top of it—it’s more of a skeleton for various kinds of editors than an actual editor. So one of the reasons our docs don’t try to target people without much experience is that such people are likely to have a bad time with the library anyway—the task of integrating it will require quite a lot of additional programming.

I’ve been hoping that people would build more approachable editor components on top of ProseMirror, but so far only tiptap really does that, and that uses Vue.js so I’m not sure it’d be what you’re looking for.


It is not a tutorial, but you might want to consult this repo which provides a basis for further study.

And I completely agree with the project owner’s remark that this is not an _editing widget, but rather a platform for developing such a widget. It’s such a well structured project that a lot can be learned from studying it.



Thanks for the response!

I have no problem with acquiring new knowledge or experience. My problem is that I can’t figure out what experience I need to acquire. The only instruction I can find is that I should use a “bundler”, but the moment I delve into that, I run into a bit of a jungle, and I’m fine with finding my way through a jungle, provided that I know where I’m trying to get in the first place. That element seems missing. I don’t know how to tie together the general information from various bundling introductions on the one hand, and ProseMirror on the other. I normally don’t have this problem when learning how to use a new library, technology or programming language, which is why I believe there’s a “missing link” in the documentation that gets a developer going, regardless of whether they’re interested in an editor for a website, or in making a full-blown editor with ProseMirror.

I would suggest that the lack of some sort of tutorial, that shows how the library can be used to create an editor, is the reason. Libraries typically come with some sort of tutorial to show how they’re used and that’s what seems to be missing.

But also to add a bit of preponderence, I’m not quite sure why this distinction between a platform to create editors and a fully working editor needs to be maintained. It’s just a matter of showing how it works. I can’t imagine any scenario where less information on how something works is likely to stear either the development process or widespread adoption in a better direction than providing more information.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something here, in which case I apologize in advance. I’m a bit confused over this, to be honest.


Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: I’ll take a look.