Is there a way for every text node to be wrapped by a span tag?

I’m trying to set a default font family and font size (I’m using tiptap), so the plugin used to style it : [TextStyle – Tiptap Editor] ( which works like a mark ), sadly on Paste or on load, if theres is a paragraph with a text node, theres no way for me to select it or how to archieve this

example: <p>this is a text node</p>

Goal: <p><span>this is a text node</span></p>

is there a way to do this on prosemirror or have the text node have a default mark on instantiate?

Why do you need such a span to set a default font? Can’t you just target the paragraphs with your CSS rule?

No, sadly on the editor I’m working on a paragraph can have multiple formats (being size, font family … etc) and I’m trying to add a default font for the whole editor that doesnt include css, I want to literally have the style attribute present on this span tag I wish to add all the time

thanks @marijn for your help