Is there a way to combine style matches result in parseDOM?

I want add color and background color to text like this way

<span style="color: #ff0000; background-color: #00ff00'>123</span>

I want achieve these with a single mark with color and background attrs;

If I use “style” to match the DOM in parseDOM, then I will lose the previous attribute. I can only keep one of color or backgroundColor because they belong to different parsing rules.

If I using ‘tag’ to match DOM and parse style attribute by myself. I may lost style when they are not using the tag I specific;

if I using multi mark to achieve these. It will render like below which I do not want.

Any suggestion?Thanks

No, that’s unfortunately not something that the DOM parser supports (it currently handles style properties one at a time).

Will support for this feature be considered?

You could try writing an RFC. If you can come up with a good design, I’ll gladly consider it.