Is there any way to set prosemirro editor to Focus by code?

Hi everyone, I am tring to focus the editor by calling view.focus() or view.dom.focus(). But it seems not working.

I write a plugin by listening the dom focus event. It was not triggered. But I could trigger the focus event by mouse click.

What I want to do is focus the editor by code?

Any sugguestion would help.

view.focus() is the way to do this. If it’s not working, maybe you’re calling it at a point where the browser (or your script) is moving focus to something else. You could try using a timeout to move the call forward a bit, and see if that helps.

Thanks, @marijn for the quick reply.

I finnally got it. I tried to call the view.dom.focus() in my chrome dev-tool console → it’s not work.

Then my colleage sugguested me to try just in the real code. It worked as expected.

Really appreciate for the reply anyway. :smile: