Is this red highlighting from ProseMirror?


Extreme newbie. No understanding of wiki internals, or coding, or markdown, really.

Occasionally, when I’m editing our dokuwiki, I see the following:

I think it happens when I’m pressing backspace repeatedly to “pull” text from one line up to the previous line. When it happens, doing that stops working, and I have to manually cut and paste the text to where I want it above where it currently is.

Does this red highlighting come from ProseMirror? If so, what is it trying to tell me?


Core ProseMirror does no such thing, so I assume it is their integration that adds this.

“Their”, meaning…dokuwiki’s?

Dokuwiki admins/forum members say this is strictly ProseMirror indicating text is highlighted. That part was quite obvious.

What I don’ t understand is what it signifiies. Why are so many text lines highlighted and what does having them highlight indicate? The specific patter of lines seems to be something I don’t encounter when manually highlighting text and seems to occur only after I repeatedly press Backspace and then only after characters disappear, and the text cursor moves to the previous line. At that point, I can’t seem to do normal editing in some ways. If i want to move text, copying and pasting seems to be the only thing that works.

Anyone have any idea?

That sounds wrong. The core library doesn’t do this kind of highlighting, though custom extensions could.

To clarify a bit, core Prosemirror contains 0 style information so that the UI using it has full control over that. Custom plugins for Prosemirror can contain their own styling.

If you can figure out a minimal way to reproduce (a fixed set of keys and clicks that will reproduce the error 100% of the time), the dokuwiki devs can see what is happening to the state.

My best guess is that while deleting, a fragment is created that then gets erroneously consumed by the plugin causing the highlight, and that plugin also make that section “uneditable”. But this is 100% a third party plugin issue. (either bug in the plugin, or how dokuwiki has it configured).

Thanks. That sounds like it makes a lot of sense.