joinBackward without selection

Hey, I basically want to do the same as joinBackward from a specific point, but I don’t have the selection there and I need to get the resulting steps - not have them automatically be dispatched. It seems I can use the joinBackward mechanism by making a new transaction, setting the selection in the transaction, then execute a joinBackward on that transaction, not actually give it an actual dispatch method and in the end collect the steps on that transaction to be used how I need them. But it seems a bit backward.

Just to make sure that I’m not missing anything: There is no way to access the algorithm used in joinBackward more directly, is there?

Not currently—it seemed too special case and tailored to the specific behavior of backspace to export as a utility function. What are you trying to use it for?

User A with limited access rights wants to join a block of text with the previous block. But user A isn’t allowed to do that, so instead the textblock just receives a mark that communicates “join-with-previous-block suggested”. Then user B with full access rights gets to see it and gets the option to either approve the request or discard it. Discarding it just means that the mark is removed. Accepting it means that it’s trying something similar to a joinBackward from the start of the paragraph.

Ok, that’s totally fine. Just making sure I don’t write something again that exists already.