Key bindings for non English keyboard layouts

Hi, I noticed that pressing Ctrl+z while in a Bulgarian layout does not trigger the undo command. I’m referring to the physical key “z”. I’m using a keyboard with US layout, but switched through the Windows settings to a Bulgarian layout. Now if I type something in Cyrillic pressing Ctrl+z will not undo what I have typed. Is it possible to add a key binding in ProseMirror for the undo command so it can work in non-US keyboard layouts too?

It is possible, of course — you can bind any keys, but I’m not sure how to do this in a general way in the default keymap. For example, QWERTZ users seem to expect that their Z, rather than the Y that is in the place where Z would be on QWERTY, is used for undo. So even if my keymap abstraction were to support binding of physical keys, doing it that way would annoy users.

Hi @Marijn, thanks for the answer. Can this key binding be added through the existing configuration options of ProseMirror or it has to be implemented additionally?

You can add a keymap plugin.