Keyboard handling for non-english languages


I am new to ProseMirror and need guidance on implementing key handling for non-english languages without the need for users to switch keyboard from OS.

I am working on a project in which the users will be doing the entry in Thaana (Dhivehi / Maldivian Language)

here is similar implementation which i did for normal text inputs.

The basic idea is each character is mapped with its corresponding thaana character. I am trying to make a plugin to handle this but not sure on the best approach or if this is doable.

It seems that handling keydown events and inserting the appropriate characters via replaceSelection should get you what you want. The rest of the world is using OS keyboard settings for this kind of thing though, which is likely to be more robust in corner cases.

thank you, relying on the OS keyboard is my initial recommendation to the client as well, but since it will be heavily used by users from mobile and ipad as well, that would mean them having to install keyboard on their devices which my client does not prefer to do.