Lift blockquote instead of list?

If there’s content like below, where | is the caret, is there any way to have the lift lift the list out of the blockquote, rather than lifting the paragraph out of the list?

  • |a
    • b

And it seems like such a case needs to be handled differently from the below:

  • a
    • |b

Is there any reasonable approach to this? It seems like the only thing that ProseMirror isn’t prepared to address out of the box, but maybe I’m overlooking the correct approach.

Friendly bump. It seems related also to Lift the part of a node

@marijn I’m sorry to ping you directly. I wonder if if I’m overlooking any approach? It seems like the one thing that requires wild over-engineering to achieve.

I don’t address everybody’s questions here, I just don’t have time or motivation to look into all problems myself. You get this library for free, but not my support. Repeatedly pinging does not change that.

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I apologize if I offended you. I would certainly not think of repeatedly pinging you given exactly what you said, but I figured that pinging you once wouldn’t hurt given that I’ve never seen this addressed in the nearly ten years this great library has been available, and that I haven’t been able to find a workable approach after a week of trying.

Your position is completely fair and understood.

I apologize again if it seems I do not value your time and contributions to the open source world. Your work is wonderful and I appreciate everything you do.

My sincere apologies.