Looking for a WYSIWYM web editor for our application


I am looking for a WYSIWYM web editor to integrate with a commercial web application using TYPO3 we are developing, and as I just found ProseMirror on the internet, I was wondering if it can fit our needs.

We need an editor for letting a user to write email templates in our application. Basic formatting are OK for us, but users need to be able to insert conditional boxes (to make e.g. greetings conditional to the recipient gender), attributes (variables such as recipient name, number of booked tickets) and custom elements that will be rendered when sending the email (such as booking details, recipient address). We would like to have these conditional boxes, attributes and custom elements diplayed in the editor as something like a box (+/- like a ERT in Lyx). User should also be able to insert raw HTML code in a code box (like ERT in Lyx).

Can we do what we want with ProseMirror, via plugins?

Thanks in advance for your answers, Jonas

Yes, that sounds like it should be possible with ProseMirror.

Hello Marijn, Thank you, we are probably going to use ProseMirror for our project.

Hi again, One more thing: would it be possible to have something like the gender box below

Capture du 2017-10-04 15-58-12

and that a user of the editor can click on the text for e.g. female and edit it?

Yes, that is definitely supported. (The only catch is that, depending on the behavior you want, getting cursor motion across the edges of those inner fields to work right might involve some extra glue code.)

Thank you for your quick answer!