Make menubar useable in sub-editor, e.g. in footnotes

Using only lightly modified versions of the footnote example and the menu package I would like to make the menu partly usable in the footnote’s sub-editor, namely for marks such as emphasis and strong.

Looking at how the menu runs commands, I suspect that connecting the would require swapping the default view: EditorView for the innerView: EditorView of the footnote plugin. As the latter changes whenever a footnote is clicked, this would require re-drawing the menu.

I understand that two plugins could exchange information via setMetaData or by accessing the later plugin’s state. Yet footnotes are not implemented as plugins.

I presume that it would also be possible to extend the MenuBarView.update() to check whether the caret is on a footnote, replace editorView and re-render. But that would require accessing the FootnoteView of the footnote node which is not possible as far as I understand.

Is there a way to expose the NodeView’s innerView to the menu bar?

Thank you for your help.

Many commands should already work, since changes to the outer document are forwarded to the footnote editor. I am not really interested in expanding the scope of the menu package to make it support multiple editors in general.