MarkdownParser API

Hi @marijn

Do you have plan to revisit MarkdownParser API in near future? Currently it’s a 1-1 mapping of markdown-it token, which works great for most cases. But, for a bit complex structure like table; it requires to skip things like thead, tbody tokens. And, for some other tokens like tr or td we might need to create more than one node.

I would appreciate hearing your opinion on this.


The markdown interface is currently not a priority for me, as I’m working on other things – but if you need additional functionality, figuring out a good way to implement them and submitting a pull request is appreciated.

My final goal is to create a PR but before that I just wanted to discuss the API changes here. I was thinking about something similar to the ParseRule interface. Adding ignore, skip, getContent, etc.

Right. The objects in the markdown parser config are already a bit like parse rules, and adding support for similar properties to them makes sense.