Memory leak risk [SOLVED]

When I use ProseMirrorEditor in my component, if I switch the component by changing the routes page frequently. I found the number of editor component instance could increase with the routes changing. Once I comment all ProseMirrorEditor code, the memory usage falls down. Recently I realize the memory management is very important because the memory leak of my APP, so i start to assess the potential memory leak risk of every 3-rd party component I used.

related destroy code:

  beforeDestroy() {
    this.editor.state = null;
    this.editor.view = null;

The following is timeline analysis. enter the ProseMirrorEditor component &amp reenter ProseMirrorEditor componen

How should I do to prevent from memory leaking? I think it may be my mistake. but the code is very simple, create the editor and destroy the editor in the Hook function (I use VueJS to develop my APP)

My mistake…GC work perfectly