Moving entire nodes instead of insert/delete

I’m back to a point again where I’m trying to move nodes between pages and when they’re horizontal its not so bad.

So what I have really sucks to deal with. This is just one of the ideas i’m working on.

Before I only had flat nodes to deal with and we have a special kind of node that organizes content side by side. So basically a vertical node. first subparent is the left vertical column and second subparent is the right vertical column.

Assuming I can handle everything else perfectly. I’d like to have something like this.

Doing this much is fine, but where I have to pair the 1st and 3rd nodes and the 2nd and 4th nodes to create a subparent that is sliced properly with the right content that is expected, it’s a little difficult. Without creating selection issues I can’t really slice again or else the right vertical column becomes what was sliced in the left column.

Question is what is the chances of a prosemirror function for changing the order of content within a specific depth without actually deleting and inserting.

That’s very unlikely to ever be supported