Multiple nodeview setSelection for nested list_item

I implemented a node view called ListItemView which can represent both bulltet_list, ordered_list or task_list

import { Node } from 'prosemirror-model';
import { findParentNode } from 'prosemirror-utils';
import { EditorView, NodeView } from 'prosemirror-view';
import { EditorSchema } from '../editor-schema';

export default class ListItemView implements NodeView {
  dom: HTMLElement;
  contentDOM?: HTMLElement;
  node: Node;
  view: EditorView;
  getPos: any;
  textAlign: string = '';
  isTaskItem: boolean;
  checked: boolean = false;
  checkbox?: HTMLInputElement;

  constructor(node: Node, view: EditorView, getPos: any) {
    this.node = node;
    this.view = view;
    this.getPos = getPos;

    const listItem = document.createElement('li');
    const hasTaskListParent = findParentNode(
      (node) => node.type === EditorSchema.nodes.task_list
    this.isTaskItem = !!hasTaskListParent;

    if (this.isTaskItem) {
      listItem.dataset.type = 'task-item';

      const checkbox = document.createElement('input');
      checkbox.type = 'checkbox';
      checkbox.contentEditable = 'false';
      checkbox.tabIndex = -1;
      checkbox.addEventListener('change', (event) => {
        const { checked } = as any;

        if (typeof getPos === 'function') {
  , undefined, {
      if (node.attrs.checked) {
        checkbox.setAttribute('checked', 'checked');

      const content = document.createElement('p');
      content.classList.add('task-content'); = node.attrs.textAlign;
      listItem.append(checkbox, content);
      this.dom = listItem;
      this.contentDOM = content;
      this.checkbox = checkbox;
    } else { = node.attrs.textAlign;
      this.dom = listItem;
      this.contentDOM = listItem;

  update(updatedNode: Node) {
    if (updatedNode.type !== EditorSchema.nodes.list_item) {
      return false;

    if (updatedNode.attrs.checked) {
      this.checkbox?.setAttribute('checked', 'checked');
    } else {

    return true;

  stopEvent() {
    return true;

sorry for some redundant code there…

but I found that I can’t select multiple list_item in the rendered result DOM,

it seems like I need to define something in the NodeView.setSelection method… but I am not quite sure how to do that.

Can @marijn or someone else give me some suggestions ? Thanks a lot.

I suspect the stopEvent method is the problem here — you’re not letting ProseMirror handle any events in this node. You should probably check if the event is in the checkbox and leave it alone otherwise.

Unrelated, but it looks like the update method will do the wrong thing when the list item type changes. And I’m not sure how deriving the view node’s parent from the selection is supposed to work.

outdated, I have changed to another new node view for now…