Native prosemirror's lists commands attached to custom menu sub-items not working

I’m getting native prosemirror’s lists commands by calling prosemirror-schema-list 's wrapInList and i’m also using prosemirror-commands’s (wrapIn for blockquote, setBlockType for headings and toggleMark for strong and em).

In this codesandbox there is a menu where all these commands are attached to menu subitems (the menu is built the same way as in the prosemirror’s menu example.

In the begining i got heading and blockquote commands working like a charm but then i don’t know why did they stop working (i don’t know what did i change in the code so they stop working!) The lists command also didn’t work.

BTW, headings, blockquote and bulletList menu subitems come with display:none in the initial display. (I suppose they would show when a selection is set in the editor) I had to force displaying them with a class displayInlineBlock because they never show even after setting selecting.

What’s wrong ?!