Nested draggable editors behave differently in all browsers

I try to use a nested editor instance within a draggable node view. This is useful for some kind of CMS like seen below (used in a Craft CMS plugin):

My goal is to be able to drag the node and edit the text in it.

However, Chrome seems to be the only browser that works as expected:

In Safari, I’m not able to click within the nested editor at all:

In Firefox, I’m able to click within the nested editor but the cursor always jumps to the start of the node:

There are no issues in Safari and Firefox if I change draggable to false. But I would like to make them draggable :sweat_smile:

I created a glitch demo here:

This got me interested in how Prosemirror implements dragging of nodes that are editable since this is similar to that in a way. PM adds a draggable attribute on demand to such nodes (compare that to the example in glitch with a permanent draggable attribute), when it deems the user might be interested in drag. This makes me feel that a draggable attribute messes with an editable element and to solve the problem we might need to do something similar to what pm-view has done src code.