New nodes without br

Hi there,

I am playing with my first experimental prose editor setup and have some difficulties understanding what is going on. I am aiming for a simple ‘tag’ editor with a sequence of div’s that can only contain text nodes. For this, I define my own minimal schema and keybindings.

The schema seems to do what I want, but I fail to understand where the
's are coming from when one calls the splitBlock command. Splitting the block is the behaviour I am looking for, but without these breaks.

Some pointers would be great. I have looked into the model code, but could not figure out where these breaks are coming from.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great work. I hope to be contributing one way or another to this project.

Are you talking about the <br> nodes that appear in the editable content when rendering an empty textblock? Those are there because, due to historic accident, browsers expect them to be there in empty editable elements, or they won’t show the element at all. They are not part of your actual document, so you don’t need to worry about them.

ok, thanks for the clarification!