Nodes.append is not a function

I have a custom schema with specific nodes and marks, and I’d like to add lists to it. My nodes look like:

const nodes = {
  doc: {
    content: 'block+'
  paragraph: {
    content: 'inline*',
    group: 'block',
    parseDOM: [{tag: 'p'}],
    toDOM() {
      return ['p', 0];
  text: {
    group: 'inline'
  hard_break: {
    inline: true,
    group: 'inline',
    selectable: false,
    parseDOM: [{tag: 'br'}],
    toDOM() {
      return ['br']

and my marks are also pretty basic, with several of my own additions:

const marks = {
  link: {
    attrs: {
      href: {},
      title: {default: null}
    inclusive: false,
    parseDOM: [
        tag: 'a[href]',
        getAttrs(dom) {
          return {
            href: dom.getAttribute('href'),
            title: dom.getAttribute('title')
    toDOM(node) {
      return ['a', node.attrs];
  // :: MarkSpec An emphasis mark. Rendered as an `<em>` element.
  // Has parse rules that also match `<i>` and `font-style: italic`.
  em: {
    parseDOM: [{tag: 'i'}, {tag: 'em'}, {style: 'font-style=italic'}],
    toDOM() {
      return ['em'];

As there already is prosemirror-schema-list I tried to add that package and issue

import { addListNodes } from 'prosemirror-schema-list';
const schema = new Schema({nodes: addListNodes(nodes, "paragraph block*", "block"), marks: marks});

However, now the browser complains

Uncaught TypeError: nodes.append is not a function at addListNodes

Indeed there is a nodes.append in addListNodes, but I can’t find where it is implemented.

addListNodes expects an OrderedMap instance, but you’re passing it a raw object.

Thanks, I looked better, now, and I had to pass it schema.spec.nodes from an already defined schema. Now everything works as expected.

In the future, I’ll take a deep dive into ProseMirror’s internals, as I think they’re a great example of software engineering.