NodeSpec::draggable not working

Setting draggable in the schema seem to make no difference. Node is still draggable. Any idea why ? The schema looks like this.

paragraph: {
        draggable: false,
        content: "inline*",
        group: "block",
        attrs: {
            className: {
                default: ''
        parseDOM: [{
            tag: "p",
            getAttrs: dom => {
                let attrs = {};

                // class
                    attrs.className = dom.className;
                return attrs;
        toDOM(node) {
            let attrs = {};
            if(node.attrs.className !== ''){
                attrs.class = node.attrs.className;
            return ["p", attrs, 0];


The problem can be seen if you install the code from here.

What were you expecting to happen and what happened instead?

In, for example, the basic demo, I can only drag paragraphs when they are node-selected, which seems to suggest that at least in that case the option is working as intended.

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I completely missed “without being selected” in the docs. Sorry. I was wrongly expecting that the node is not going to be draggable. But is and there is no simple way of stopping that it seems. Thank you.