Not able to get the mousedown event triggered under columnResizing plugin

Hello, Under columnresizing plugin, there are three DOM events specified.

handleDOMEvents: {

    mousemove(view, event) { handleMouseMove(view, event, handleWidth, cellMinWidth, lastColumnResizable) },

    mouseleave(view) { handleMouseLeave(view) },

    mousedown(view, event) { handleMouseDown(view, event, cellMinWidth) }


And for some odd reason, I am not able to get the handleMouseDown event fired. I tried to turn off all other competing events for the mousedown event, but I still seem to miss something simple. Just wondering if anyone encountered the same or similar issue and if so, could anyone please shed some light on what the issue could be?

The most likely cause for a handler not firing is indeed that another, higher-priority handler handled the event. The only other thing in the ProseMirror code that can stop an event before that is a widget or node view’s stopEvent method, or an external DOM handler that called preventDefault on the event before ProseMirror even received it.

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Thank you. It was the stopEvent method hiding in the super-super class causing the event not to fire. After setting this to fasle, it is all working as expected.

Hi, Greenos. Could you please show the place where you set stopEvent to false? I’m new to prosemirror, can’t figure out where to find that