Number of TextNodes in a paragraph

Hi, given the following spec for paragraph nodes:

        paragraph: {
            content: 'text*',
            group: 'block',
            toDOM() { return [ 'p', 0 ] },
            parseDOM: [ { tag: 'p' } ]

can I be confident that paragraphs will always contain at most one text node?

I have extensive operations that I want to perform as quickly as possible on paragraph texts and I’m wondering if paragraph.content.firstChild?.text ?? '' is fail-proof or if I should really use paragraph.textContent (which is a getter that calls this.textBetween(), which calls this.content.nodesBetween(), which in turn calls this.nodesBetween())?


(edit: oh, btw… of course, these are read-only operations, I only need to add or remove a bunch of decorations based on the text content)

If your schema defines any marks, those may split the text nodes.

It does not. Thank you so much for such a prompt answer.