On paste/type input, transform matched regex into node spec

Been trying to figure out the idiomatic way of solving what I imagine is a fairly common use case.

In my particular case, if a unicode emoji is typed or pasted into the editor, I want it replaced with the emojiNodeSpec I’ve defined for rendering emojis in the editor.

Here’s where I’m at so far: import {schema} from "prosemirror-schema-basic";import {EditorState, Plugin} - Pastebin.com

I was thinking I should probably use transformPasted and handleTextInput but I haven’t had much luck actually getting either of those to work and I couldn’t find any good code examples to cheat off of.

What would be the idiomatic/conventional approach here?

So I ended up using the combination of:

  1. prosemirror-paste-rules (remirror)
import {pasteRules} from "prosemirror-paste-rules";

const emojiInputRegex = new RegExp(`(${EMOJI_REGEX.source})`);

/** @type {(nodeType) => import("prosemirror-paste-rules").PasteRule} */
const emojiPasteRule = nodeType => ({
	type: 'node',
	nodeType: nodeType,
	regexp: emojiInputRegex,
	getContent: () => {},
	getAttributes: match => {
		return {emoji: match[0]};
// ...
	plugins: [
  1. Custom plugin with handleTextInput
// Plugin to handle text input
const emojiInputPlugin = new Plugin({
	props: {
		handleTextInput(view, from, to, text) {

			let matchingEmoji;

			if( matchingEmoji = text?.match(emojiInputRegex)?.[0] ) {
					view.state.tr.insert(from, view.state.schema.nodes.emoji.createChecked({emoji: matchingEmoji}))

				return true;


			return false;