On the prosemirror basic example page, where does the prosemirror.js client library come from?

On this page: https://prosemirror.net/examples/basic/

The demo is being powered by these two js files:

This implementing code: https://prosemirror.net/examples/basic/example.js

and this library driving it: https://prosemirror.net/examples/prosemirror.js

Where does prosemirror.js come from? I don’t see it in any of the prosemirror repositories, so I assume it is built on the server by node code? If so, could someone show me the code that builds it? I would guess you need to bake your schemas into this client lib or something, I’m still finding my way around prosemirror.

Or is this client lib not built, but a full library that is merely minified from somewhere else that I missed?

It’s a minified bundle of all the ProseMirror (and dependency) libraries shared by the demos, built from the npm packages with rollup. This isn’t something you’d use elsewhere—the expectation is that people do their own bundling for this library.

hey, thanks for responding to me. I eventually put that together combing through examples. I just wanted to mention that this random new user you took the time to respond to did eventually succeed at getting prosemirror figured out. I really like it!