Open source editors based on ProseMirror

What are the open-source editors that are based on ProseMirror? I know TipTap, is there anything else? I’m looking for advanced prose mirror plugins (with image resizing and table advanced features for example).

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Atlaskit and Remirror also come to mind.

Thanks, Atlaskit looks really professional and has a lot of features. Its design system also looks great, do you maybe know whether it’s all open source and I can use it in my personal commercial product or it’s paid?

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Somebody commented a link to their bitbucket (editor is open sourced) & I have it saved. Here is the link: Bitbucket

It’s under Apache 2.0 License

There’s also Wax: written in JS, based on Prosemirror and React.

@degel123 I’ve made a tiptap extension for resizing media(image,videos) and you can extend it to resize any node you want. Here’s the link GitHub - sereneinserenade/tiptap-media-resize: Tiptap 2 Media 🌁 🎥 Resize, Realignment extension.

Hope this helps

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Here is a list of what I know.
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Stacks Editor

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Looks cool! Would be awesome to add caption too! What would be the steps to do it?

heavily developed

less heavily developed (based on quick judgement)

desktop editors